Disputes between landlords and tenants can be awkward and unsettling. For landlords it can be a major financial investment and for tenants, being secure and knowing their rights, are both equally important.

Over the past 12months there has been reduced cover for landlords, many policies excluding rental default and reducing cover for malicious damage. Tenants are finding it increasingly difficult to get basic repairs done or negotiate rent reductions.

Our Landlord Legal Expense Insurance policy covers many common disputes landlords may face including recovery of rental arrears property repossession and contract disputes, and for tenants our Private Legal Expense Insurance includes tenancy and contract disputes.

In NSW alone in 2018, there were 30,203 tenancy disputes lodged, the majority 30,137 were resolved and 150 escalated to the Appeal Panel and 13 reached the Supreme Court*. Despite the high-resolution rate, this does not accurately represent the commercial or economical cost that landlords or tenants have experienced. Residential disputes can be prevalent and complex for both parties, with many not knowing their rights or having the means to access sound legal advice. It can be a stressful situation for the landlord if their property is damaged or for the tenant if they are unable to acquire help from the landlord if there are any issues while living on the property.

Some common disputes may include boundary fencing, damage to property (not covered under standard Landlord cover), rent arrears and reclaiming bonds. In 2018, in NSW alone there were 451 disputes regarding dividing fences*.

Whether you are a tenant or landlord, having a ARAG Legal Expense Insurance policy provides support and access to legal advice and action when things go wrong.

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* NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal Annual Report 2018

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