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Why Individuals Might Need Private Legal Expense Insurance

Most people think they are unlikely to become involved in a legal dispute but a bad experience with an employer or a fencing dispute with a neighbour are common problems. Taking legal action to resolve these kinds of issues can be expensive and complicated.

Private Legal Expense Insurance includes cover for legal costs and expenses for a number of legal disputes allowing private individuals and families to access legal services to protect their legal rights.

What We Cover

We can help private individuals with:

Disputes over the purchase of goods or services or private sale of goods

A dispute with a neighbour to erect or remove a dividing fence

A personal tax audit or investigation

Employment disputes such as wrongful dismissal or as a result of being made redundant


For a full description of policy cover, conditions and exclusions, please read the policy wording. Limits of Indemnity apply to the product. Consumer Contracts and Tenancy disputes (Gold) or Consumer Contracts, Tenancy and Employment disputes (Diamond) are additional modules to the Silver package.

Levels of Cover
Legal Information Helpline
Document Centre
Personal Injury
Tax Protection
Inheritance law disputes (10 hours consultation only)
Family law disputes (2 hours of consultation)
Consumer Contract disputes Not Included
Tenancy disputes Not Included
Employment Not Included Not Included
Premium starting from $390 p.a.* $780 p.a.* $1,150 p.a.*

Not everyone is the same which is why ARAG has developed cover for High Net-Worth individuals and families. To know more, get in touch with us today, contact us at (02) 8066 0162 or at

*Excludes fees and charges

High Net-Worth Legal Expense Insurance

Let's face it, life can be complicated and sometimes we can find ourselves in situations within our personal lives where we need legal advice or representation. Legal action can be expensive and time consuming, so having access to legal advice and information without the burden of the cost provides you more choices to defend and pursue your legal rights.

Our High Net-Worth policy includes cover for Domestic Employment, 10 hours of consultation for landlord legal matters and comes with an annual aggregate of $250,000.

Case Studies

These are examples of how the policy would respond and are not real claims.

Case Study: Personal Injury

Policyholder G and his friend were walking through Edinburgh Park when a stranger’s dog jumped on Policyholder G and attacked him. As a result of the attack Policyholder F loss the use of his index finger for a number of months. Policyholder G was a renowned concert pianist. The dog’s owner provided Policyholder G’s friend with his name and number at the time of the incident. ARAG appointed a lawyer and negotiated the recovery of compensation from the dog owner for the injury to Policyholder G and his loss of earnings. Policyholder G paid the applicable excess and his legal fees were paid by ARAG.

Case Study: Tax Protection

Our insured received a letter from the ATO indicating they intended to make an enquiry into our insured’s personal tax return for the previous year. Our insured contacted us and we appointed a tax consultant to represent him and negotiate on his behalf. Following an extensive investigation the ATO confirmed his tax affairs were in order with appropriate tax paid. ARAG settled the tax consultant’s invoice for $4,000.

Case Study: Tenancy disputes (Gold)

The insured had leased a property for 12 months. During the lease period the landlord would regularly attend the property without notice, often requesting access inside the property. Despite repeated requests from the tenant to stop this action, the landlord continued. This was a private registered rental agreement. The tenant contacted the Legal Information Helpline and was advised that a claim would need to be lodged. ARAG appointed lawyers to assist the tenant and after an exchange of correspondence the Landlord was instructed to discontinue attending the property and advised to adhere to their tenancy agreement. ARAG paid the legal costs of the appointed representative who assisted the tenant.

Case Study: Employment (Diamond)

Bob's employer advised him that they were terminating his employment. He has worked at the organisation for more than ten years. Several of his colleagues with similar roles were kept on even though they had not worked for the company for as long. His employer only paid him until the end of the week. He contacted the ARAG Legal Information Helpline, a claim was opened on his behalf, and a lawyer assigned who negotiated a proper severance package for him. All legal costs were paid by ARAG.


Important things to know

The table above provides an indication of the premium payable per annum for our legal expense insurance products. This is an indication only and the total premium payable will depend on a number of factors, including the amount of cover you choose and other individual circumstances. The pricing above is for a policy holder based in NSW and is inclusive of commission, GST, stamp duty and other fees and charges. Prices may vary between states and territories, including due to different stamp duty rates. All quotes must be assessed by our underwriting team and quoted on an individual basis taking into account the relevant circumstances of the policy holder. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply to the insurance covers, please refer to the relevant policy terms and conditions.

For More Information

To find out more or how you can offer ARAG’s Private Legal Expense Insurance products to your private clients, please contact us now on . We would love to hear from you!

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All enquiries should be addressed to ARAG.

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