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Private Legal Expense Insurance for the Digital World

The internet is an integral part of our lives. We go shopping and seek services online, meet friends on virtual platforms, download information and media content. These everyday activities naturally increase the risk of getting into disputes online and becoming a victim of cyber bullying or identity theft. Our Web Legal Expense product helps to protect you and your family from certain legal costs of damage caused online.

What We Cover

We can help you with:

Preparing letters to credit reporting bodies to challenge the accuracy or completeness of a consumer credit report where such inaccuracy is as a result of the unauthorised use of your bank account or personal information to commit fraud.
Pursuing a civil action as a result of any defamatory statements published online in respect of you.
Contesting an application for an injunction brought against you in connection with a copyright infringement claim brought in respect of an electronic publication.
Deletions by our specialised advisor to pursue the removal of reputation damaging content published online about you in accordance with the terms of the policy wording.
Premium from $860 p.a.

For a full description of policy cover, conditions and exclusions, please read the policy wording (Limits of Indemnity apply).

What's included
Legal Information Helpline
Document Centre
ID Theft
Online Transactions
E-Reputation & Defamation LP
Copyright Infringement Defence
Deletion Service
Deception of Identity in the Sale & Purchase of Goods
Online ID Theft
Premium starting from $860 p.a.

Case Studies

Case Study: Online Transactions

Policyholder S purchased new sneakers advertised on a website believing they were genuine but instead received poor quality replicas. S tried to return the goods and asked for her money back but no one returned her calls or emails. ARAG appointed a lawyer for Policyholder S who helped him to challenge the contract and obtain a full refund of the amount paid for the goods.

Case Study: Identity Theft

The identity of Policyholder M was stolen and used to register a motor vehicle in M’s name. M started receiving parking and speed camera fines and tried to explain the vehicle wasn’t his. M’s licence was cancelled for non-payment of the fines. Then M received a letter from a lawyer seeking compensation for a person injured in a motor vehicle where the vehicle had no CTP insurance. M was distressed and no one was listening. M thought he would have to pay thousands of dollars and would be liable for the personal injury claim.  ARAG appointed a lawyer for Policyholder M who helped him to challenge the fines, clear up the false registration, vehicle, reinstate his licence and defeat the personal injury claim.

Important things to know

The table above provides an indication of the premium payable per annum for our legal expense insurance products. This is an indication only and the total premium payable will depend on a number of factors, including the amount of cover you choose and other individual circumstances. The pricing above is for a policy holder based in NSW and is inclusive of commission, GST, stamp duty and other fees and charges. Prices may vary between states and territories, including due to different stamp duty rates. All quotes must be assessed by our underwriting team and quoted on an individual basis taking into account the relevant circumstances of the policy holder. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply to the insurance covers, please refer to the relevant policy terms and conditions.


For More Information

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