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ARAG Australia has launched ‘Business Essentials', a Legal Expense Insurance which provides essential legal cover for small businesses, at a fraction of the cost of engaging a lawyer.

Australia is the second most litigious country in the world, after the USA*, so you need legal assistance in your corner, so that if, and when, the need arises, you can get the right advice, at the right time, to save you potentially your business and your lifesavings.

That is why ARAG Australia, is now offering Business Essentials cover, a new level of Legal Expense Insurance, allowing businesses, for as little as $260 per annum ($22 per month), to have access to legal advice and legal representation, for a fraction of the cost of engaging a lawyer.

Business Essentials covers the essential parts of a business from the most common risks small businesses face. From employment elements, to statutory licenses, tax protection, contract disputes, tenancy disputes and property and goods cover. Be confident you have your business risks covered.

With Business Essentials you get access to a legal document center so you can write up your own contracts such as supplier contracts or employment contracts, codes of conduct, privacy policy, confidentiality agreements, hire agreements, credit applications and more, you also have the support of a document review service by a qualified lawyer.

In addition, there is a legal helpline where you can get expert advice, whenever you need it, without having to fork out thousands to engage a specialist lawyer. Having these legal resources at your fingertips as a small business owner gives you more confidence to act when you need to. To both pursue and defend your rights and to mitigate potential risks from escalating.

For more information contact your insurance broker or ARAG on or visit our website

Legal Expense Insurance provides affordable access to legal advice and representation for the pursuit and defence of disputes when individuals or businesses are faced with unforeseen legal issues. In Europe, it is common for adults to have Legal Expense Insurance. 29% of adults in the UK, 16,7% in Canada and 33,3% in Germany have legal expenses insurance.

The majority of Australians have health insurance, car insurance and home insurance. In exchange for a monthly or annual premium, Australians are covered for damages. The same should apply for unforeseen legal expenses.

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