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Who has my data? Cyber Attacks raise eyebrows.

Following the recently publicised Optus and Medibank cyber breaches, it has been highlighted that Australian companies, who are custodians to millions of Australians data, have a responsibility for securing customer data.

Deputy Prime Minster Richard Marles said, it is a “wake up call for corporate Australia”. It’s also a wake-up call for the community. Calling for greater community caution now that we provide so much of our personal information to so many companies- how can the everyday person protect themselves? Most people don’t’ know where to turn and what questions to ask?

Businesses are advised to undertake scenario planning to consider possible outcomes from a cyberattack. One of the cyber planning recommendations is to take out cyber insurance, that companies must defend themselves and their customers from any online vulnerability.

1 in 15 individuals become victims of identity fraud. A victim of identity crime can be 1 person, a business or a government agency. In 2019, the cost of identity crime in Australia was $3.1 billion. Since the beginning of the pandemic 55% of Australians received a fraudulent call or text message. Usually impersonating the ATO or Australian government.

This is where a personal cyber Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) policy offers a solution by protecting you from certain legal costs of damage caused online. We shop online, meet friends on virtual platforms, download information and media content. These everyday activities increase the risk of getting into disputes online or becoming a victim of cyber bullying or identity theft.

ARAG’s Cyber LEI includes ARAG LegalAssist- a dedicated Helpline where you can call for immediate advice about your legal standing. ARAG is your first point of contact to establish what steps to take to protect yourself following a cyber breach. Once you have legal assistance from the ARAG legal helpline, for no extra cost, you can have a level of comfort knowing what your rights are, and what the best course of action to take.

If your data has then been used for criminal activity, online contractual disputes or ID theft, ARAG will support you to reinstate your credit rating if it is compromised, assist with any legal statements, affidavits required by police, credit providers or financial institutions due to the cyber breach, so you don’t need to negotiate with the banks and all the red tape.

For as little as $50 per month, you have the peace of mind that you will have the support and protection if and when a breach occurs- regardless of how small or large. Additionally, you will have immediate access to a lawyer.

to discuss your personal circumstance for Cyber LEI.

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