Information About Cyberbullying (i.e. kids)

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Published on 01.07.2020.

Intimate images of myself have been shared in a group chat without my permission. What laws are there against this?

This is called image-based abuse and is a criminal offence in NSW. It is illegal to distribute these photographs without the consent of the photographed person, irrespective of whether the images themselves were taken consensually. If the photographs depict someone under the age of 16 years old, stronger penalties apply.

A young adult continues to send offensive and threatening messages to my child while they are at school. What can I do?

There are specific laws against harassing or intimidating school students in NSW. Violations of these laws can attract criminal charges. You should also inform the school about what has been going on. Other Australian states do not have this specific legislation. However, they have broader criminal laws which address assault and may be relevant.

My child is bullied by another school student. They continue to target my child on online forums and send my child distressing messages both during and after school. What can we do to stop this?

All schools should have anti-bullying policies in place that both students and staff are aware of. The state of NSW also has codes of conduct aimed at addressing bullying within schools and guidelines which should be followed.

You should firstly inform the school so that they know about the issue. Your school should then take the appropriate steps necessary to address and prevent the bullying that is occurring.

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